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Wesley So vs Sevian Samuel

Najmlađi GM na planetu protiv do juče 5 igrača po rating listi završena je slavljem mladosti! Samuel je u partiji koja je do 12 poteza sledila briljanciju Ananda i Aroniana uspio nadigrati So ja u velikom stilu..partija za uživanciju  clapping

[Event "U.S. Championship 2015"]
[Site "Saint Louis"]
[Date "2015.04.03"]
[Round "3"]
[White "So, Wesley"]
[Black "Sevian, Samuel"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "D45"]
[WhiteElo "2788"]
[BlackElo "2548"]
[Annotator "Josh Friedel"]
[PlyCount "82"]
[EventDate "2015.??.??"]
[EventCountry "USA"]
[SourceDate "2015.02.07"]

{The battle of Young vs. Younger.} 1. Nf3 d5 2. d4 Nf6 3. c4 e6 4. Nc3 c6 5. e3 Nbd7 6. Qc2 Bd6 {Sam shows he's not afraid to enter the sharpest lines against the world's best.} 7. Bd3 O-O 8. O-O dxc4 9. Bxc4 b5 10. Bd3 Bb7 11. a3 Rc8 12. Ng5 {An ambitious move, famously used by Aronian in h is spectactular loss to Anand. There is no doubt that both players are aware of this game.} (12. b4 { was the main line, but it has been shown that Black can in fact play} c5 $1 { anyway.}) 12... c5 {Sevian plays Anand's move. Usually a safe bet.} 13. Bxh7+ { Wesley's new move.} (13. Nxh7 {as played by Aronian was punished spectacularly by Anand.} Ng4 14. f4 cxd4 15. exd4 Bc5 $3 16. Be2 Nde5 $1 17. Bxg4 Bxd4+ 18. Kh1 Nxg4 19. Nxf8 f5 20. Ng6 Qf6 21. h3 Qxg6 22. Qe2 Qh5 23. Qd3 Be3 {0-1 (23) Aronian,L (2802)-Anand,V (2772) Wijk aan Zee 2013 CBM 153 [Anand, V]}) 13... Kh8 14. f4 g6 {I'd be scared to play this move, but kids often have nerves of titanium. To be fair, I really have no idea what I'd play instead.} 15. Bxg6 fxg6 16. Nxb5 {Thus far Sam has used far more time than Wesley, and here he slips up.} Qe7 $2 (16... Bb8 {first was necessary, and Qe7 next move.}) 17. Qxg6 $2 {Wesley lets him off the hook.} (17. Nxd6 Qxd6 18. Qxg6 {is monstrous for White, with e4-Rf3-Rh3 nearlly impossible to stop.}) 17... Bb8 { Now we are back in less clear territory, with both players on their own.} 18. dxc5 (18. Bd2 {The computer likes this simple developing move, and as much as I hate to agree with machines, it looks very natural.}) 18... Rxc5 (18... Nxc5 {was a viable alternative, after which I still like} 19. Bd2) 19. Nd4 Rg8 ( 19... Nh7 {is slightly better, as there is no reason to provoke the queen to h6.}) 20. Qh6+ Nh7 21. e4 (21. h4 {I like this move better, mainly cause it ensures the g-file will stay closed}) 21... Ndf6 22. b4 Rcxg5 $1 {Sam correctly sacrifices the exchange.} 23. fxg5 {Note how if Wesley played h4 this sac would be far less annoying.} Be5 (23... Ng4 {immediately is recommended by the computer, with the idea that} 24. Bb2 Be5 {transposes to the game.}) 24. Bb2 {I'd give this a question mark, but it's hard to assign them to such natural moves in a crazy position.} (24. Nb3 $1 {was actually much stronger, keeping g5 securing and inviting Black to grab on a1, which would weaken his dark squares.} Bxe4 (24... Bxa1 25. Nxa1 {can hardly be recommended, given the king on h8 on the open diagonal.}) 25. Ra2 Ng4 26. Qh5 Bxh2+ 27. Kh1 {and Black's king is far looser than White's.}) 24... Ng4 25. Qh5 $2 {This one maybe deserves two, however. Even the best players in the world have their off moments, although it is unclear what exactly Wesley missed here. Sam doesn't miss his chance.} (25. Qh3 {immediately was necessary, and while the situation is still far from clear, White is still the one on top.}) 25... Qxg5 (25... Rxg5 26. Rf7 {would not be recommended for Black, and perhaps was So was hoping for.}) 26. Qh3 (26. Qxg5 Nxg5 {and Black's pieces are just massive.}) 26... Qe3+ (26... Qd2 {might be even stronger, but Sevian's way works as well.}) 27. Qxe3 Nxe3 28. Rf2 {Not the best defense, but White's position was hopeless anyway.} Ng5 $1 {With pieces like this, White's prospects are slim. Sam doesn't let him off the hook from here.} 29. Kh1 Nc4 ( 29... Nxe4 {was immediately over, with the idea that} 30. Re2 Rxg2 $1 {leads to mate.} 31. Rxg2 Nf2+ 32. Kg1 Nh3+ 33. Kh1 Bxg2#) 30. Bc3 Nxe4 31. Rf7 (31. Rf3 $1 {was one last trick, with the idea that on} Nxc3 32. Rh3+ Kg7 33. Rxc3 { d4 shouldn't be taken due to} Bxd4 $2 (33... Kf6 $1 {is still winning.}) 34. Rg3+ Kh7 35. Rh3+ Kg7 36. Rg3+ {with a draw, and if} Kf7 37. Rf1+ {Black is even worse.}) 31... Nxc3 32. Rxb7 Bxd4 {Black's clump of pieces dominate the board.} 33. Rf1 Rg7 34. Rb8+ Kh7 35. g3 e5 36. Rff8 Ne3 37. h4 Ne4 38. Rh8+ Kg6 39. h5+ Kg5 40. h6 {The pawn is getting far, but White's king is in far too much danger.} Rf7 41. h7 Rf1+ {and with mate coming soon, White resigned. Wesley will definitely be disappointed with his missed chances this game, but Sam outcalculated his elite opponent from a difficult position.} 0-1

analiza GM Joshua Friedela
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